Ilja Simon

Project Manager Design & User Experience

Ilja Simon

Dipl. Ing. Industrial Design

Technische Universität Dresden (TUD)

Born and raised on the Ukrainian Black Sea coast, from childhood on I had a curious, playful approach to the nature of things, creating ideas and building objects of all kinds. Besides creating things, various personal interests such as yoga, meditation, surfing and electronic music production have emerged over the years.

After moving and schooling in West Germany, I started my studies in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design at the Technical University of Dresden to learn how to implement ideas professionally. After my first professional stations I soon realized that I wanted to use my skills as a designer to solve real problems and help people. After meeting Chris in a Zurich nightclub, it quickly became clear that Piomic could only be the next logical step, which I have never regretted. Here I am primarily responsible for the product design and now for all creative, marketing-related issues.

What I love about Piomic is the family atmosphere and the common drive to make an idea become reality. An idea that can help make life easier for many people worldwide.