Jari Kruth

Chief Technology Officer

Jari Kruth

M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ)

Northener with Finnish-German roots I was born and grew up in Hamburg. Following a short and intensive period in Shanghai, my university studies lead me south, to Zurich. Unfortunately, although a passionate ice-hockey and HCD-Fan, I didn’t quite make it down to Davos!

As a mechanical engineer at ETH, I primarily focussed on robotics. From the use of micro-robots in the eye to autonomous systems, I have worked on a variety of topics. The real-world application always drove my fascination with a subject. In my role as CTO at Piomic, I aim to design and build solutions for patients and medical professionals, allowing an easy application and enabling smooth wound healing processes.

What do I love about Piomic?
The people. Starting with our team and their dry sense of humor
, open communication, and the many fascinating people with whom we have the chance to collaborate. From the nursing staff who do incredible work every day, to humorous patients and the many experts who are always ready to help.