Monika Rüegg

Lead Finance & Adminstration

Monika Rüegg

BSc. Business Administration


As a daughter of Swiss-Taiwanese parents, I was born in Taipeh, but grew up on the countryside nearby the beautiful lake of Zurich. I discovered my passion for travel early on. For me as an active, knowledge-hungry and visual person, there is nothing more exciting than exploring the most diverse facets of this world with all of its manifold habits, traditions, customs and manners. With the growing curiosity of how different economic cycles operate, I decided to take a second degree in Business Administration.

After completing my commercial education, I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. As the lead finance & administration, I support the management team in all business-related matters.

I admire the persistence, passion and effort of all Piomic members, who do everything to implement the company’s vision. It’s wonderful to be part of such a unique team.