Prof. Dr. Joachim Dissemond


Prof. Dr. Joachim Dissemond

Professor Joachim Dissemond, Dermatology and Venerology Consultant with the additional discipline of Allergology, has practised at the Dermatology Clinic, Essen University Hospital, since 1999, initially as an Assistant Physician and then as a Senior Physician since 2003. A Wound Outpatient Clinic was set up at Essen University Hospital on Professor Dissemond’s initiative. The Dermatology Clinic is nowadays recognized as an interdisciplinary wound center.

His specialist areas are:

– The diagnosis and treatment of Ulcus cruris (“open leg”)
– Chronic wounds
– Immunological wounds

Prof. Joachim Dissemond is actively involved in several societies, including the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Wundheilung [Wound Healing Working Party], the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Wundheilung [German Society for Wound Healing] and the Dreiländer Wund D.A.CH-Verband [Three State Wound Association]. He is also a member of the Editorial Board of various journals on wound healing, and the author of several books including, “Ulcus cruris – Genese, Diagnostik und Therapie” [origin, diagnosis and treatment].
Since chronic wounds, and especially Ulcus cruris, can have numerous causes, Dissemond is an advocate of thorough diagnosis and overall patient assessment.

“We treat patients, not results”. (Joachim Dissemond)